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Iceland tour, videos & stuff

It’s been a long while since my last newsletter. Lots of things have happened since then and a lots of exciting things are coming up like…

“Veislufjör 2012” tour of Iceland

June 21st – 27th me and my band will do a round-trip of Iceland with indie supergroup Mr. Silla (including members of múm, Sin Fang, Seabear, Amiina, Kimono & more) and comedian/visual artist Hugleikur Dagsson.
7 shows in 7 towns all over the country. Me and the band and Mr. Silla will play one set each and Hugleikur will do some sort of stand-up/mc thing in between sets.
So if you are in Iceland at the time you should definitely try to catch us at one of these shows:

June 21st – Höfn @ Pakkhúsið. Doors @ 20 pm
June 22nd – Seyðisfjörður @ Partíþokan, Herðubreið. Doors @ 21 pm.
June 23rd – Húsavík @ Gamli Baukur. Doors @ 22 pm.
June 24th – Flateyri @ Vagninn. Doors @ 20 pm.
June 25h – Patreksfjörður @ Sjóræningahúsið. Doors @ 20 pm.
June 26th – Flatey @ Hótel Flatey. Doors @ 20 pm.
June 27th – Hafnarfjörður @ Bæjarbíó. Doors @ 20 pm.

We will be documenting the tour very well and and plan on making all kinds of videos, podcasts and of course photos that we will be publishing on the Icelandic Radio 2 websites while we are on the road. So keep a look out for links and stuff on my Facebook page next week when the tour kicks off.
It will be fantastic. I can’t wait.

Do Right Woman

Me, Silla & Gummi went to Paris to play a show at the lovely Point Ephemere with Kría Brekkan and For A Minor Reflection. During the soundcheck we recorded a cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man”. We are really happy with the video so I thought you might be interested in checking it out. I still get goosebumps when Silla does those high notes in the chorus. And Gummi’s bass playing is so smooooooth.
Well anyway, here it is.

Other stuff

I just moved into a new studio with Gummi and our good friend and one of my favorite singers in the world, Sigríður Thorlacius. It’s out by the harbor in Reykjavík and as you can maybe see from these bad photos I took with my computer it is very cozy.
I started work on a new music video for the song “Caroline Knows” with two nice guys Frosti Gringo and Janus Jakobson. We went all over Reykjavík for a few days and shot all these weird cool shots. I think it’s going to turn out great. I’ll send it over as soon as it is ready.
Oh, and remember to check out my web shop if you want to stock up on some Snorri stuff. I’ll sign it and send it right over to ya.
That’s all for now!
Have a good one,

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