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Album out! Germany tour dates! And some other stuff!

I just got back home to snowy London after a 6 weeks of touring in Canada and Iceland.
It started off with Iceland Airwaves in early October which went really well. The best festival yet, for sure. I played 6 shows in 4 days and somehow broke the headstock of my guitar, got it fixed in the nick of time and then flew out to Halifax for the Pop Explosion festival and begin a 3 week tour of eastern Canada.
The wound in the headstock opened up again on the flight over (of course) so I had to run around Halifax for a whole day trying to find a place that could repair  before I had to leave for Newfoundland. Of course I didn’t find one so I had to rent one at long & McQuades. Which was actually surprisingly inexpensive. A months rent for a really nice Martin with an Elipse pick-up is a $100! And you can return it anywhere in Canada. Lesson learned: never bring your guitar over to Canada again, just rent one.
Anyway, I met up with my very good friend Lindy in Halifax and we went over to Newfoundland(had a time) and then did New Brunswick, Montréal and shows around Ontario. It was amazing. Drove 9000 km in a Lindy’s 22 year old Volvo(R.I.P.), listening to Theme Time Radio Hour, meeting some really nice people and just having a really good time. I promised myself as I was leaving Newfoundland that I was going to live there one day. It’s that good.
So now I’m back in London, stuck in my apartment because there is just a little bit of snow and the English are very very scared of snow for some reason and everything has shut down. It’s actually quite nice. It forces me to work and concentrate on my new songs.
I’ll keep you updated on how the songwriting and demoing and stuff goes on my Facebook page, so follow me there if you haven’t already.

Tour Dates

I’m supporting the fantastic Hjaltalín on a short tour of Germany in mid-December. Please come to see us and/or let your friends in Germany know we are coming. We put on a good show.
Here are the dates:
12.12.2010 Hamburg- Beatlemania
13.12.2010 Köln – Stadtgarten
14.12.2010 München – 59:1
15.12.2010 Erlangen – E-Werk
16.12.2010 Berlin – Frannz Club

I’m also going to be playing a show here in London on Dec. 9th at Hoxton Square Bar & Grill with Kassidy(UK) & Nylo(UK).
Get your tickets here if you’re in town.

Last but not least I’ll be kicking off 2011 in New York City, playing Scandinavia House on January 6th with Lau Nau (FI). More NYC dates to come. I’ll keep you posted.

Album out

My debut album, I’m Gonna Put My Name On Your Door, is out in select stores in Europe, The US & Canada. The vinyl version is juuuuuust about ready. Should be holding that thing in my hands any day now. Can’t wait.

Ólán video

Just in case anyone of you missed the last email I sent out, I just made a video for my song “Ólán”. It was directed by the great Máni M. Sigfússon and I just love it. I think it really captures the mood of the song.
Here it is:

Snorri Helgason – Ólán from Máni M. Sigfússon on Vimeo.

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