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The Morning Is The Loving Hour

Bb   Ab/Bb Gm

Somewhere in the night I hear a distant thunder

Abm Eb

As she comes running through the undergrowth

Dm7b5 G7 C

crying like the rain.

F/A Eb/Bb 

Oh, the morning

F/A Eb/Bb F/A Bb

is the loving hour.


Sweethearts kiss goodbye before a broken mirror.

Makes it seem as though they’re shivering.

Well, perhaps the are.

Oh the morning

is the loving hour.


Bm  Eb   Cm Bb7/D Eb

How long does it take


for a heart to go lame,


and a burning flame


to suffocate.

F/A Eb/Bb Cm Ebm7/Ab Bb



Somewhere in the night I hear a whistle blowing

And so I must be going soon.

Before the light of dawn

brings the morning

and the loving hour.

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