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D        D/C#   Bm   Bm/A
Down, down, down
G        G/F#     Em      Em7/B
We’re floating down a river
D        D/C#     Am Am7 G Em
and the river’s wild and cold.
But on we go
In a vessel made of silver
With oars of shiny gold.

The wind blows hard
and the rain just keeps a-pouring
But our boats warm and dry

Just keep keeping on
I hear the wind a-calling
you’ve got to live before you die

So let’s find a way
To kill the cold and gray
A                                               A7
Let’s just walk and don’t look back
G                                   Em D
Walk and don’t look back

So down, down, down,
We’re floating down a river
And the river is wide and deep.
But time, time, time
Is all it’s gonna take
And you know that time is cheap.

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