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Queen Street

C (add9)     Dm (add9)
The neon is burning
Em                      F
on Queen Street tonight.
C (add9)     Dm (add9)
Spadina is calling
G                      F
The morning’s getting near
Em                        Am                       G
Bass drones and laughter’s all that I hear
Dm    G    (sus4)

I’m seeing faces
I haven’t before
And beautiful places
But every girl I see
Reminds me there’s one waiting for me.
Across the sea.

F                                            C (oh yeah)
I wish I knew where I was going
F                                             C (oh yeah)
I’d go to where the cold wind’s blowing
F                                              C (oh yeah)
I wish I knew where this was going
F                                              Dm (oh yeah)
and for what or who I’m fighting
If you want to see the sun tomorrow
F                                           C
Don’t ever ask about the yesterdays.
C  (add9) Dm (add9)

They look so lonely
Riding the trains
Silently moaning
I wish I knew their names
I wish I we all could play the same games
Such a shame.

Em                                Dm (7) Dm (7)
It’s late in the day and I try to call you
Em                                Dm (7) Dm (7)    Am
But no words I can say could ever surprise you
F  (maj7)           G (add9)
oh I’m trying to tell you
F   (maj7)            Em  Am
Oh I’m trying to tell you
F                                                                     C
Just how sweet and kind one woman can be

I’m one in a million
Roaming the streets.
Desolate children
Lost in a crowded place
Looking to find a familiar face
Get some space.

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