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Poor Mum

Gm Adim/G

Poor mum, poor mum

Cm/G Dsus4 D

After a lifetime of dreaming

Gm Adim/G

Poor mum, poor mum

A7b9 Dsus4  D

Whatever became of your scheming


Gm Gm7 Gm6 Gmb6 Gm

Nothing worked out in the way that you planned

Cm Dsus D

Nothing was quite as you thought

Gm Gm7 Gm6 Gmb6 Gm

Try very hard not to misunderstand

A7b9     Dsus D

Joy as it flies cannot be caught


Poor mum, poor mum

Where did you take a wrong turning

Poor mum, poor mum

Pack up that last little yearning


G G7 C/G G

Pack it away with the books and the toys

Cm Gm

Silent and bound

A7 D

Silent and mend

G G6 Cm D

Go out and grab at you life and forget

Eb  Eb/D Cm Dsus D Gm

You are poor, poor.. mum

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