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Em                                            G
I don’t know what is right no more
Em                                             G
my hands bleed and my back feels so soar
Am                                       G
I would work and then I would get paid.
I would work but now something’s changed
Oh and now it’s out of range
D              C              G
All of it, all of it is gone.

I don’t know what to do no more
I don’t see the point anymore
I have worked hard for thirty something years
I have worked hard for all my life
Hard! They took away my pride
All of it, all of it is gone.

I don’t know who to trust no more.
Who‘re you with? Who you working for?
I have been good. I didn’t buy that boat.
I have been good. Succumb to greed?
No! Now I got mouths to feed!
But all of it, all of it is gone.

C                                            C , Bm, Am
I’m swimming in the open sea.
I hope someone will come after me.
I need a hand,
I need a break,
C            F                 D
I need a brand-new day.
C        G

I don’t know where to turn no more.
I’m waiting for that knock on my door.
Now I got debts. I’m in over my head.
Now I got debts no honest man can pay
Lord, help me find a way!
Out of it, all of it is gone.

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