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Big Wheels


G#       A  

Let the big wheels turn

D#dim7 Bm

cause we’ve got time to burn

Fdim7 F#m

There’s so much that we can learn

Bm     E

from each others eyes


And now the night is young

and we’re still having fun

so tell me why you’ve begun

saying good-byes

Fdim7 F#m

‘Cause when tomorrow comes

D7   G     E/G# A

you’ll know where you belong from now on


Won’t you rest your head

down on this unmade bed

there are still words unsaid

between us two.


And now the world’s asleep

and you know my rhymes are cheap

but don’t let that keep

you from staying the night


D C#+7 F#m

Two lonely hearts lost in each other

      F6 Esus4

let’s see that dawn together

E     A

we’ve got nothing left to lose.


(A, D#dim7, Bm, Fdim7, F#m, Bm, E, F)



Let your hair hang down

Edim7 Cm

Let it all curl around

F#dim7 Gm

Where I would love to drown

Cm F

Lying like this


Bring that bottle of wine

We don’t have to think about time

There’s your heart and then there’s mine

And that’s all there is.


F#dim7 Gm

And in the morning light

D#7 G# F/A A#

you will be sleeping right in my arms


II: D#, D+7, Gm, F#6, Fsus4, F, A# :II

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